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I mean… how many sentient, human-shaped robots are there on Pandora? Does this one have an option for 3rd Person perspective, or is it only FPS like the first two games? How is it lame? I mean look what happened to Masseffect Andromeda and Fallout This content can be viewed only by people who meet the minimum age requirement. Sorry, you must be 18 years of age to view this content. Skip to content. Share this story Share this on Facebook Share this on Facebook opens in a new window Share this on Twitter Share this on Twitter opens in a new window. Comments are closed.

Money talks. Allow cross play on every 3rd party multi-player games. Listen fallout 76 is amazing. Flak for me. I love Borderlands series, i will get this :. Will BL3 be 60 fps on console? Trending Stories.


Sony PlayStation Logo. Please Enter Your Birth Date This content can be viewed only by people who meet the minimum age requirement. Enter Sorry, you must be 18 years of age to view this content. I'm not saying one way is better than the other, only that one way is the way it should be in relation to the game. Btw, you guys like the Hidden template I saw on Wikipedia and brought here?

It's really useful! Erm, no.

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It's "Organise". That's how every -ise word in English is done.

Borderlands: How We Talk about Canada by W.H. New

It's how it's written in the dictionary, it's how it's spelled. I live here, and nobody writes "-ize". And by the way Atlas, "only British folk" is 60 million people. It's also used in many former British colonies. It's not a "new age" spelling, it's the American spelling. Dammit, no nationalism please. I would have been content to never have even brought this little schism to the forefront had I not seen so many of the British folks going back and "correcting" Americanized edits. This isn't totally one-sided.

If I made an army of 11 billion rapists, would that make all the remaining non-rapists wrong? And yet again, that's a retarded argument. I can just as easily say that English was made by English people, so keep the spelling Anglicised. LOL, dude, you were the one who brought numbers into it. My only point was that "only British folk" is not exactly an insignificant number. On one hand, I see "had I not seen so many of the British folks going back and "correcting" Americanized edits", and on the other hand, "This isn't totally one-sided" confuses me.

Somebody explain what he means by "This isn't totally one-sided". Keep in mind I'm running on little-to-no sleep my body's sleep schedule is whacked and I have to get up at 8am for college. But lately I've been up til 4am, sleeping for 2 and a half hours and because of sleep deprivation even the simplest of concepts aren't making any sense to me.

So lets just leave them alone as i for one have seen on problem with either spelling.

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Veggienater , September 15, UTC. Laser shouldn't have a Z no matter who spells it as the term "laser" is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

I think the only reason "lazer" exists is it sounds more science-fictiony and "cooler" , September 15, UTC. Has this ever been mentioned to wikia staff? Who exactly do you think you are AtlasSiolder yes i spelled it wrong on purpose. No one asked you to correct the spelling on any of these pages, so YOUR corretions of British or anyone elses words were unneeded. I think your previous sysop experience has you thinking you have more authority than you do.

You have already pissed off two people on here and youve only been here a short while. YOU are not that importent and if your arrogance in this regaurd continues, I for one will ask for your bannishment , which is major as i am an easy going person normally. YOU are the reason this wiki needs a flaming rules page much to everones dismay.

Veggienater , September 16, UTC. F has written. MacDonald , and look for 1 instance of Commonwealth English aka any words like "Energize", but spelt "Energise", or "Organise" , but I won't. Hell, it shouldn't be hard to come to a decision on this stupidity. ConceitedJarrad raised a valid point when he said Borderlands was made by an American company, therefore we should be using American spelling, as opposed to randomly ramming S's up the arses of any words that have a "Z" in them, like Energize and Organize.

Now, I'm going outside to have a smoke and cool off, then I'm going to bed because I've got to be at college first thing tomorrow morning and lack of sleep sucks. It's PM right now, and I've gotta be up at 6am.

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  • UBC Press | Borderlands - How We Talk About Canada, By W. H. New.

And hey, if I do end up getting a "time-out", I'm ok with it. I remained civil throughout this original discussion and provided some good hard facts and such until Veggie came in and fucked everything up.

Borderlands how we talk about Canada

Tomorrow I'll be getting in contact with Uberfuzzy and Sannse to see if it's possible to implement that idea up the page about changing what kind of English is shown based on what country you live in. Shouldn't be that hard to implement. If a user sets location to England, change every instance of an Americanized word Energized for example to it's British counterpart Energise. Also, it was a little pitchy in the middle, dawg.

What a bunch of nonsense! Widgets to auto-correct spelling? Even when the spelling is intentional?! It was good dawg, but not great. Liked some of the vocals I dunno. I'ma say it's a no for me, dawg. Not to add fuel to the fire, but there is no such thing as a Lazer. LASER is an acronym. That is the 3rd time someone has brought that up, in fact. Read the freaking threads, people.