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This book sets out to provide state-of-the-art reviews of key areas relating to the structure and function of pectins in both foods and developing plant systems. The book covers not only the chemical structure, biosynthesis and degradation of these important biopolymers in plants, but also their biophysical properties, their links to other wall components and their cell and developmental biology.

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Added to Your Shopping Cart. Out of stock. This book provides an update account of the most significant state of the art research on pectin and demonstrates that significant progress has been made in recent years.

The book addresses progress made in the fields of biosynthesis and health modulating activities of pectin fractions, among other things. Research reported uses the most advanced current spectroscopic techniques and immunodetection methods combined with microscopy and chromatography, genomics of pectic enzymes of Aspergillus niger, and interaction of pectins with proteins. The progress documented in this book allows us to increasingly identify and influence the functionality of pectins and pectic enzymes both in vitro after isolation, as well as in the plants themselves.

This knowledge is also reflected in new applications of pectin and pectin degrading enzymes. If you have personal access to this content, log in with your username and password here:. New titles:.

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Pectins and Pectinases

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Visser and A. Pectins and Pectinases.